Submitting disrepair complaints for a Clarion Housing property

If you’re a tenant, living in a property owned or managed by Clarion Housing, you have a right to expect that your landlord fulfils their legal obligations to you throughout your tenancy. Whilst some of the responsibilities for maintaining and repairing things in the home fall to the tenant to take care of, anything structural or to do with your access to essential services is the landlord’s job to sort out.

Some of the areas that Clarion Housing are responsible for maintaining and repairing include:

  • An annual heating system service (gas, oil or solid fuel)
  • Fixing leaks caused by burst pipes or faulty plumbing
  • Ensuring that ground floor windows and doors are able to be secured
  • Fixing penetrating damp and any resulting mould

When should I tell Clarion Housing that my property needs a repair?

If you notice that your home requires a repair that is the landlord’s responsibility, you should inform them as soon as possible. You can do this by reporting the issue online through their website. In an emergency, you can contact them directly by phone; you will need to input your postcode on their website to be given the correct contact number for your area.

Reporting the problem as soon as you notice it should help to ensure that the issue doesn’t deteriorate and get worse; causing additional damage. Plus, the sooner you tell Clarion Housing about it, hopefully, the sooner it gets fixed.

What if Clarion Housing haven’t made the repair after a reasonable amount of time?
Repairs are generally prioritised based on how they affect a tenant’s safety or health, and less urgent repairs may take longer to carry out. Clarion Housing has a legal obligation to make the property safe and habitable as quickly as possible; therefore, if you have requested a repair and haven’t heard back from them, or they failed to make a full repair when needed, you might be eligible to make a disrepair claim against them.

Our expert housing disrepair solicitors are available to discuss your options and advise on the next steps if you are looking to pursue a disrepair claim, so feel free to get in touch with us on 0151 909 8212, or by emailing