On 19th March, our Owner Jessica Hampson and Business Development Manager Thomas Lowrey, will be delivering a talk to all students on all things Applications.

Within this talk, advice and guidance in the following areas will be provided;


CV Advice

How to structure your CV. Advice and guidance on how to show off your non-law related achievements and make them relevant.

Training Contract Applications

How to tailor your application to suit the audience and the difference in how to apply to small, medium and large firms. How to effectively research the firm you are looking to apply to and how to ensure a firm is right for you.

Interview Technique

Advice from the other side of the table, what we look for in a candidate. How to score quick wins in an interview. How much research is too much research?

Protecting your mental health

How to cope with rejection. What are the downsides to the process of applying for jobs and training contracts and how can you deal with them? Success stories from those who didn’t get it quite right first time.

Jessica and Tom will also be using the talk to announce exciting work experience opportunities available with CEL. Students attending the talk will be eligible to apply. Further details regarding zoom links will be provided by your Tutor.
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