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What exactly is housing disrepair?

Housing disrepair means a rented property that is in need of repair in order for it to be safe and suitable for tenants to live in.

If you are a tenant living in rented accommodation, your landlord is required by law to ensure:

  • That the house you live in is in a good state of repair structurally
  • That your house is free from damp and mould
  • That your drains and gutters are clear and working as they should be
  • That you have a working heating system
  • That you have safe access to electricity, gas and water
  • That you have working sanitation facilities i.e. toilet, basins, sinks, etc.
  • That your home is free from vermin or insect infestation

In a house where repairs or works are needed, if the landlord fails to carry out the work within a reasonable amount of time after the issues are reported by you, then this could be considered housing disrepair.

What repairs constitute housing disrepair?

Housing disrepair can include damp, mould, condensation, leaks, drainage, flooding (internal and external i.e. the garden), repointing of brickwork, missing or loose tiles, structural cracks, insect and vermin infestation, poor ventilation, boiler issues, no running or hot water or heating.

Housing disrepair responsibility falls to the landlord whether you’re a social tenant living in either a housing association or council-owned properties, or a private tenant with a private landlord.

Nobody should have to accept poor living conditions. The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation Act) means that repairs are now contractual and any breach of contract allows the tenant to take legal action.



Not sure what is considered as housing disrepair? Don’t worry, we’ve pulled an infographic together so you can see what is considered as housing disrepair – and therefore is your landlord’s responsibility to get fixed.

In the first instance, you should always notify your landlord of the issues in your property. If any maintenance or repair issues are needed, but are not, and result in your home becoming unsafe or inadequate to live in, then you could be eligible to make a claim.

Can I claim for housing disrepair?

Eligibility to make a housing disrepair claim depends on your situation. Read on to find out whether you can claim today

Meet our Specialist Housing Disrepair Repairs Team

CEL Solicitors are one of the very few housing disrepair solicitors, across England and Wales, who have a dedicated team of lawyers to ensure that your repairs are carried out following the settlement of your claim. We really will be there at every step of your housing claim.

Our Litigation Agreement in Plain English

A simple guide to our Housing Disrepair Claim Litigation Agreement with CEL Solicitors.

Equality Act Claims

Do you believe that you have been discriminated against by your landlord because of your disability, age, sex, religion, race or pregnancy? Has your landlord caused or made worse any mental health problems or health conditions?

Why choose CEL Solicitors?

CEL Solicitors have helped over tens of thousands of clients with their housing disrepair claims. Achieving millions in compensation for clients and making houses homes again with high standard repair works. We listen and care about your housing needs and deliver the results you deserve. We also have a dedicated repairs team that will handle your claim until repairs have been completed to a satisfactory standard. Our repairs team have achieved hundreds of thousands in additional compensation in cases where the landlord has delayed repairs.

At CEL we believe in ‘people before profits’ that’s why we mainly try to fund claims on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis monitor our competitors success fees and charging rates to offer our clients the right deal for the legal services that we provide, meaning more money for you.

CEL has excellent working relationships with expert, independent and fully qualified surveyors at the best prices. We’re confident in our costs and ability. We’re also confident you’ll love our team, we do.

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