Has this garden weed taken over your home? If so, you could lose value on your property or you may struggle to sell or re-mortgage as a result. Find out how we can help today.

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What is Japanese knotweed?

Japanese knotweed is a highly aggressive weed that can cause damage to property and grounds. It is extremely difficult to remove and comes with regulations for its removal to avoid spreading.

If you have Japanese knotweed on your property it may be difficult to sell or re-mortage your property and it may affect your house price.

How to identify Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed can be difficult to identify but homeowners must be vigilant. This invasive weed can significantly reduce a property’s value so if you’re concerned you might have Japanese knotweed on your land then it’s best to check

Can I claim compensation for Japanese knotweed?

If you have Japanese knotweed on your land and you believe it is as a result of someone else's actions then you may be able to bring a claim for compensation.

If you bought a house and believe that Japanese knotweed was undisclosed but present at the time of sale, or if your property becomes infested with the weed from another property, you may also be eligible to claim.

Make a claim for Japanese knotweed

Suffering from Japanese knotweed on your property? At CEL Solicitors, we’ve helped thousands of clients.

Our mission is to help those who have bought a property where Japanese knotweed has been omitted from survey reports, and where homeowners have become victim to the weed through their neighbour’s fault.

Our Litigation Agreement in Plain English

A simple guide to our Japanese Knotweed Claim Litigation Agreement with CEL Solicitors.

Why choose CEL Solicitors?

CEL Solicitors are experts in civil litigation with a dedicated team specialising in Japanese knotweed. In addition to obtaining client’s compensation, this team has supported homeowners all over the country with the removal of the plant from their property. We provide an insurance backed guarantee for the removal of the Japanese knotweed as well as a variety of options for removal to best suit you.

We understand how important issues with your property can be and that’s why we aim to make houses homes again by removing stress and solving your legal problems.

At CEL we believe in ‘people before profits’ that’s why we operate on a no win no fee basis with a price-match guarantee against our competitors, meaning more money for you. We’re confident in our costs and our ability and we are also confident you’ll love our team, we do!

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