Japanese Knotweed Claims – Japanese Knotweed Solicitors

Buying a home can be a stressful process, and there are often a number of issues brought to light during the survey of the property. But whilst problems such as rising damp, structural issues and, badly fitting windows become apparent after a detailed survey of the interior of the property, the garden and the problems that often come with it, are often overlooked by many surveyors.

One problem in particular, that more and more homeowners are facing, is the presence of Japanese knotweed. The bamboo-like plant can not only grow up to 9ft in just ten weeks, causing it to spread easily from wasteland, railway lines or neighbouring homes, but it also has thick, deep roots that can penetrate roads, concrete, damage foundations and affect drains.

How Japanese Knotweed can affect you

Dubbed the “UK’s most aggressive and destructive plant”, Japanese knotweed can cause a huge amount of problems for homeowners. As well as causing damage to the foundations of your house, paving, retaining walls and drains, you may find that you face serious problems when it comes to selling or remortgaging your home.

In addition to most mortgage lenders refusing to lend on properties with Japanese knotweed, and potential buyers being put off by the stigma surrounding the plant, you could also face potential liability if the Japanese knotweed spreads to other properties from yours, and other homeowners could be entitled to claim damages from you.

Japanese Knotweed compensation

In many cases, surveyors concentrate on the interior and structure of the property, whilst ignoring serious dangers which can be just a few yards away in the garden.

At CEL Solicitors, our expert team of housing solicitors believe that everyone deserves to know the issues with a property before they commit to buying, so we take surveyors obligations very seriously. If you believe that Japanese knotweed was undisclosed but present at the time of sale, you may be able to claim against the seller or surveyor to recover costs incurred, which may also include an allowance for the reduction or diminution in value of the property.

To find out your rights as a new homeowner that is suffering with Japanese knotweed that you believe was undisclosed at the time of purchase, contact our friendly team of solicitors today on 0151 909 8212 or email info@celsolicitors.co.uk.