About Us - CEL Solicitors

Who we are

We are a nationwide family-run law firm, specialising in civil litigation. Our services include; data breach claims, Japanese knotweed claims, Plevin and financial misselling claims and housing disrepair claims.

Our head office is based in the centre of Liverpool, complete with neon sign and ‘think swing’ – we don’t think or look like your regular law firm.

Masters of our craft, we challenge ourselves to think outside of the box and create new precedents to help our clients achieve success. We are paving the way as innovators in the legal field, leaving traditional, stuffy law firms in the dark while we champion new thinking. We blend dynamism and innovation with great customer service and expertise in civil litigation.

We pride ourselves on our people-first approach, recruiting only the greatest to our growing family

Our mantra at CEL Solicitors is that the enemy of greatness is good. That means that good is not good enough, we will only settle for excellence in everything we do!


Our vision

We believe that people with passion can change the world.

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Our values

People before profits

  • We invest in our people; the profits follow
  • We provide excellent legal services fairly and competitively so that our clients have the best deal
  • We are business people as well as lawyers
  • We put our staff and clients above all else – a happy working environment means a better, more efficient experience for all
  • We listen, we care, we win!

Celebrating Excellence in Law

  • We are not afraid to operate outside our comfort zone to achieve excellence
  • We are masters of our craft and have a genuine passion and pride for what we do
  • We look at cases individually, holistically and in a fresh way
  • We champion new areas of law by becoming innovators in our field
  • We develop our entire team through the same training programme ensuring a consistent and excellent legal service from start to finish

Gratitude is our attitude

  • We celebrate every milestone; we appreciate and listen to our staff
  • We never take our clients for granted, we treat them with respect
  • We only employ people who genuinely care about our clients, the law and each other
  • We only work with people that mirror our values and add to our growth
  • We think about tomorrow not just today by building genuine relationships