With over 20 years’ legal experience in civil litigation working for top 50 UK law firms. Paul was previously the joint founding partner of Hampson Hughes Solicitors, a personal injury powerhouse in the North West. He managed the firm for over 10 years, growing it to 15% market share of the personal injury sector, at its height. Paul decided to join CEL as managing partner in 2018 to help grow the firm into one of the biggest firms in the UK specialising solely in civil litigation. He shared the vision of the founding director to create a happy place to work that genuinely helped people through the law. Paul has a genuine desire to create a unique firm in CEL, operating at the highest legal standards, while being a great place to work with genuine work/life balance for all staff.

Paul has disrupted the legal industry with his commercial and dynamic approach to marketing and providing legal services. Paul believes that a law firm is only as good as it people and strives for legal excellence in all practice areas at all times. “At CEL we recruit the best legal minds who can then provide the best legal services to their clients.”

Paul is most proud of the team that has been created at CEL who are specialists in civil litigation first and in their practice areas. This expertise has allowed the firm to continue to grow and the firm now has strong teams in many areas of litigation work. “We genuinely believe that if you want to build a business, you have to build the people and that if everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself. As I am married to Jessica the phrase, ‘happy wife, happy life’ is certainly true, but it also rings true that happy staff mean happy clients.” There is a strong desire to be the best in all types of civil litigation areas. Whilst not managing lawyers Paul has been known to teach diving in Thailand, DJ in Ibiza, produce music – a man of many talents!

Paul is passionate about law that ensures justice is served, protects from exploitation and gets compensation when the claimant has been wronged or suffered loss. “In a world of big business and big government someone needs to stand up for the little man, champion people’s rights and freedoms. At CEL we want to do just that”.

 “Life Is”


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