1. These terms and conditions supersede all previous terms and conditions in relation to this scheme.
  2. Subject to compliance with all the terms of this Agreement, CEL Solicitors will, at their discretion, pay you a fee for recommending housing disrepair clients to the firm.
  3. The fee will be £200 (a sum which may be amended from time to without notice at the absolute discretion of CEL Solicitors).
  4. The client must contact CEL Solicitors directly and confirm they were recommended by you.
  5. The source is recorded and offer is extended at the beginning of a case and cannot be backdated at a later date.
  6. You must be an individually established client of the firm and not be acting in the course of any business when making a recommendation.
  7. CEL Solicitor’s advice to any recommended client will be impartial and not affected or influenced by the recommendation by you.
  8. Our duty of confidentiality prevents us from providing you with any information relating to clients, including those whom you have referred to us.
  9. The fee will only be paid on the successful settlement of the case.
  10. CEL Solicitors may terminate this agreement at any time. The agreement will be automatically terminated if the retainer with the client is terminated either by the client or by us
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