CEL Solicitors is proud to announce that we have been officially awarded We invest in people, standard accreditation.

The We invest in people, standard accreditation award from Investors in People comes after a challenging year – but one where staff and management have embodied their name, truly Celebrating Excellence in Law.

To be awarded the status in the short time that CEL Solicitors have been operating is an incredible achievement and demonstrates the firm’s passion and care.


“They are unlike any other law firm, and that is why I enjoy it so much”

“I think the way they make the offices safe and made specific arrangements for people to return to work during COVID was excellent”

“It is a pleasure to come in to work, I don’t get the Sunday evening blues anymore”

– CEL employees

We did it!

What is the ‘We invest in people’ award?

With most people spending around 80,000 hours over their lifetime in work, finding the right balance is essential. The We invest in people award demonstrates that a company puts people before profits and takes initiative to make the work lives of employees positive and fulfilling.

Company culture and process are essential components to the rigorous award criteria, with each playing a vital role.

The company culture must reflect an extremely high level of job satisfaction and motivation.

In the specific instance of CEL Solicitors, the firm were said to have “created an environment of trust through open communication and by displaying a non-hierarchical and thoughtful style of leadership”. Furthermore, they were described as having “a culture of collaborative working that is characterized by an enlightened, dynamic, and harmonious working environment with an extraordinarily strong team work ethic”.

Regarding company process and people management, Investors in People remarked that CEL Solicitors have “defined [their] purpose, [their] ambitions and both short and long term goals” – with various staff engagement committees. There is also a culture of people having “a truly clear understanding of what is expected of them in relation to standards, quality, output, and team working”.


“The support structure in this firm is great”

“Our jobs are clearly defined in terms of key tasks and workflow”

“I’m given the space to make decisions as I do my work, there isn’t micromanagement”

“There is a sense of being valued and they regularly say thanks to us”

– CEL employees

You are the reason we got here... Now let's make work better

About CEL Solicitors

CEL Solicitors are particularly proud of their family-lead culture, with key emphasis being given not only to facilitating positive everyday life, but in celebrating achievements both big and small.

This is done in part through a fun and vibrant working space which includes inspirational neon signage throughout, a ‘think swing’, pool tables, dedicated breakout areas and a Friday custom of wrapping work a little early in favour of expert speaker and employee bonding sessions.

A core CEL value is putting people before profits: “We put our staff and clients above all else – a happy working environment means a better, more efficient experience for all”.


“When they got the new office, they involved us in the decoration and getting the Think Swing and bean bags as suggestions”

“It’s a great firm – I am honestly really proud to work here”

“I’ve loved working here – it’s a great atmosphere and my team are my friends too”

– CEL employees


What’s Next?

Not content to rest on their laurels, CEL Solicitors also have a clear avenue for sustained improvement which includes further “development of an informed framework for defining the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the CEL leader’ to support ongoing talent development and growth”.

Further meetings are to be held between CEL Solicitors and Investors in People to ensure the exceptional level of quality is being maintained, with support for even higher levels of excellency in the near future!

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