As a result of the horrific military invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, more than 2 million people have fled their homes, leaving everything behind in order to get to safety. As the war enters its fourth week, Poland – which shares a border with Ukraine – has taken in over 1 million people seeking refuge.


CEL Solicitors Donate to Ukraine

In addition to charities and humanitarian organisations, many volunteers are offering help and aid to Ukraine, and to those fleeing from the invasion. At CEL Solicitors, Marta, a Paralegal, highlighted the work of Polskie Merseyside (a Polish community centre based in Liverpool), who were collecting vital humanitarian supplies for Ukrainian refugees at the Polish border. This prompted CEL staff to get involved in the effort, with donations varying from survival blankets and first aid kits, to nappies and children’s clothing.

After coordinating the donations in the office, Marta kindly dropped off the supplies to Polskie Liverpool, where they were then transported to the Poland-Ukraine border.

Humanitarian Aid in Poland

Marta, who is originally from Poland, was able to give some insight into the generous efforts that are being made by the Polish people during this humanitarian crisis. Notably:

  • The Polish border is currently open to all, with refugees even being invited to bring their pets with them.
  • Hundreds of people are waiting at the Poland-Ukraine border to help move refugees into hotels and other accommodation.
  • Polish train stations have become relief centres for Ukrainians. They are also providing free train travel for Ukrainian citizens.
  • Poland has provided a special medical train that will collect the wounded from Mostyska, a town in Western Ukraine, near the Polish border, and transport them to Warsaw in Poland.
  • Poles have created a blood donation campaign and aid for Ukraine.
  • Polish cinemas are offering free film screenings for Ukrainian children in their native language. Space Jam was the first film to be played.
  • Marta’s family have offered their home to four Ukrainian refugees; a woman and three children.


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How You Can Help Ukrainian Refugees?

During this time, many of us are wondering how we can help Ukrainian people whose lives have been so severely affected by this devastating war. If you’re looking to support those in need, here are some ways that you can help.

  • Polskie Merseyside is raising funds to cover the costs of transporting humanitarian supplies to the Polish border. Donate and find out more here.
  • Polskie Merseyside is regularly looking for volunteers to help with donations that they are receiving. You can find more information on their Instagram, Facebook, and website.
  • Polish Integration Support Centre (PISC) has set a target of £100,000 to fund petrol, drivers, warehouse space, food for volunteers and more. Donate and find out more here.
  • The Archdiocese of Liverpool will be collecting humanitarian supplies at 40 locations across Merseyside, Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Read more here.


At CEL Solicitors we will continue to stand with Ukraine, and support charitable causes providing aid to those in need.


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