Catherine (whose name has been changed to protect her identity) fell victim to an impersonation scam when fraudsters contacted her, pretending to be from her bank and informing her that she urgently needed to move her money to a “safe account”.

“After receiving a message from my bank saying that they would call me shortly, I picked up a call from people pretending to work there. They told me that all my details had been compromised and to transfer my money to a “safe account” that they would open for me. By the time I realised I was being scammed I had already sent a significant amount of money to them.”

Catherine initially reached out to her bank herself, but like so many others, was met with the response that the bank would not help – that the mistake had been hers.

“I contacted my bank immediately, but they were not very helpful. After an unsuccessful attempt to recover the money myself, I decided to seek help from a specialist and that’s how I found CEL Solicitors. I couldn’t be more pleased with them! They helped me to recover all my money in less than 3 months!”

According to Mark Montaldo, a director at CEL Solicitors, that’s not unusual. “Scam victims come to us when they’ve been unsuccessful in recovering their money themselves. Using our expert knowledge of banking law, rules, and regulations we’re well placed to put forward a robust case for a refund.”

It is a part of the bank’s responsibility to ensure that their client’s money is protected and secure and that unusual purchases are questioned, specifically to avoid situations like this.


No win, no fee impersonation scam claims

CEL Solicitors offer free initial, no-obligation advice, and represent people on a no-win, no-fee basis. Commenting on the claim process, Catherine said: “It’s a no-win, no-fee contract, so you have nothing to lose. I’m very happy with everything. They understood me, were very sympathetic and helpful. I would highly recommend CEL solicitors to everyone who has been a victim of scam”.

Mark Montaldo added, “When it comes to financial complaints you can go it alone or you can take advice. Our only warning, when it comes to taking advice, is to ensure you use a reputable firm and never pay cash upfront. Unfortunately, scammers often retarget victims with an offer to get their money back for a fee so always check their credentials.”

This is especially true in cases similar to this where fraudsters have already shown that they’re able to impersonate bank staff and arrange a “safe account” as part of a scam.


CEL Solicitors is acting for hundreds of people who’ve been duped in a wide range of impersonation scams. If you’ve been targeted in this type of criminal activity then call on 0808 273 0900 or apply online to find out how we can help you get your money back from a scam.
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