There’s no doubt about it; Christmas can be stressful. Cooking, buying presents, keeping children entertained, decorating your home, cleaning up after family gatherings – the list of tasks is endless. For people who struggle with chronic stress, this time of year can be overwhelming and exhausting.

There’s also the added pressure of financial worries and feelings of guilt if you can’t afford to buy your children or loved ones the presents that they really want. Social media can also play a role in exacerbating your stress during the holiday season, as comparing yourself to others’ seemingly ‘perfect’ Christmas Days can leave you feeling like a failure for not having the best decorations, tree, food or presents.

At CEL Solicitors we prioritise good mental health and have designated mental health first aiders to support our staff. As part of this we launched ‘Wellness Wednesday’, an initiative in which we share information and tips on issues that could affect our employees, or indeed our clients. As Christmas approaches, Kourtney, one of our mental health first aiders, has shared his tips to help people navigate the festive period.

Tips to help deal with the stress

  • Stop trying to please everyone – it’s okay if you don’t try to be everywhere or do everything just remember you can only do so much
  • Plan days for yourself over the Christmas break and remember to take a day for yourself where you just chill out and relax
  • Take a break from social media and stop comparing yourself to others
  • Reach out to people and talk to people who you are comfortable with

Reframing Tips Over Christmas

  • Turn the volume down on the internal critic
  • Let yourself be the way you feel – it’s okay to indulge in snacks over Christmas, don’t feel guilty!
  • Think of the Christmas break as your week of rest
  • And most of all have a lovely Christmas!
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