What is a Housing Disrepair Repairs Team?

CEL Solicitors are one of the very few housing disrepair solicitors, across England and Wales, who have a dedicated team of lawyers to ensure that your repairs are carried out following the settlement of your claim. We really will be there at every step of your housing claim.

Usually, once a housing disrepair claim has settled, most solicitors will stop working on your case and you will be left to chase the repairs yourself. Unfortunately, in around 30% of cases landlords ignore the repairs they have agreed to do, and in some instances, repairs that the Court has ordered them to do. That’s where our dedicated repairs team will step in, to hold your landlord to account.

At CEL Solicitors we are different – we listen, we care, and we win. After your claim has settled, our dedicated repairs team will:

• Continue to support you.
• Ensure that your landlord carries out the repairs that they have agreed to do; and
• Continue to hold your landlord to account.

Additionally, our repairs team can:

• Provide additional legal advice.
• Obtain extra compensation from your landlord if they have caused delays; and
• Take enforcement action against your landlord via the Courts.

As expert housing disrepair solicitors, we pride ourselves on our high-quality legal advice. One of our core values is ‘people before profits’ and so our clients’ needs are always at the forefront of everything that we do.

What can our repairs team do for you?

If your landlord has not completed the repair works, which they agreed to do within a certain timeframe (usually 56 days), then we will assist you by bringing a breach of contract claim against them on your behalf.



How does a housing disrepair breach of contract claim work?

1. We can start a housing disrepair breach of contract claim when the deadline to complete the repairs, under a settlement agreement or court order, has passed.

2. We will ask you to send us up-to-date photographs and/or videos of all the outstanding disrepair. If you weren’t initially our client, then we will also require your settlement agreement and the agreed schedule of works, which your landlord agreed to carry out.

3. We will then review the evidence to see whether your landlord has breached the agreement. If we feel there is sufficient evidence, then we will then send the documentation to your landlord and look to agree a new settlement. We will ask for further compensation if recoverable, but most importantly we will ensure that the agreed repairs are done.

4. If your landlord fails to co-operate and negotiate settlement terms, we will review the file to see if we have a strong enough case to take it to Court. For this to happen, the outstanding disrepair in your property must be over £1,000 and there must be no issues with access. If your landlord has attempted to arrange the repairs for you but you have denied them access to your property, then we cannot take your case any further.

What sets CEL Solicitors apart from other housing disrepair solicitors is that we will ensure your repairs are completed and your house is made a home again.

If your home has serious disrepair and your landlord is refusing to make the necessary repairs, then Tell CEL. CEL Solicitors specialise in no win, no fee, housing disrepair claims and, through its dedicated repairs team, won’t stop until you get the outcome you deserve. You can call us on 0330 311 6096 or fill out our contact form here.
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