At CEL Solicitors, we’re passionate about making sure we’re doing things the best way, not just the traditional way. Whether this is our belief in a transparent and accessible progression ladder from new starters through to director/associate director-level roles, or our belief that staff should have the opportunity to gain experience with different departments to better understand their colleagues.

The legal sector has been said to be quite intimidating at times, often attracting similar personalities while pushing others away and creating something of an echo chamber. This is something that Jasmine, one of our solicitors, experienced early on when entering the profession. This is why we aim to pave the way for new styles of working and encourage everybody, regardless of seniority level, to contribute to the culture and the direction of the company.

One way we try to encourage a broader and more accessible legal sector is by offering work placements to students, for both those interested in a law career and those still undecided on their career path.


Student work experience with CEL Solicitors

Noah was one such work experience student. He spent two weeks shadowing staff and gaining an understanding of how a firm operates and the interplay between departments and the routes those interested in a legal career can take.

Thanks to our range of service areas, we’re able to showcase how no two days are the same, and how no two departments are the same.

Alongside our legal service departments, like most companies, we also have opportunities to work in areas like marketing, finance, HR and IT. Collaboration and transparency are essential; understanding how the sausage is made from start to finish helps create a stronger team.


“On Monday I was shadowing the marketing team and they showed me what they do here”.


Across the two-week work experience placement, Noah shadowed different members of staff across departments, learning about their general day-to-day activities, their workload and key skill points, and what it takes to work in a law firm.


“I’m really happy that I have the opportunity to do work experience. It shows you what work is like in the outside world, and it makes you wake up to the realities of being an adult”.


For CEL Solicitors owner and director, Jessica Hampson, encouraging those who may not always see themselves represented to find their place is a natural way of creating a more diverse and accessible legal field.

According to Jess: “At CEL we’re proud to be a people before profits business. We believe in helping to foster the next generation of legal professionals and making a positive and lasting impact.”


Addressing the importance of work experience in helping students develop a sense of life after education, Noah said, “I would recommend anyone to come to this firm for work experience. CEL Solicitors will show you the reality of life”.


If you’re looking for work experience and are considering a career in law, reach out to the CEL Solicitors team via and we will look at our availability.
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