Mr Adlington, London – £1,000 compensation

The client, who was a tenant of Southwark London Borough Council had been complaining for fifteen months to his landlord for necessary repairs to a leak on his balcony.

We spoke to Mr Adlington about his claim after he decided to pursue legal action following a leak on his balcony which was consequently causing damp within his property. Once CEL processed the claim and contacted the landlord, much swifter action occurred form the landlord.

Not only did we ensure a work schedule and a completion date for the necessary repairs, but we also were able to negotiate a damages settlement in excess of £1,000.

“CEL outlined the procedure and assured me that it wouldn’t cost me anything. Not seeing a real alternative since I had already lived with disrepair for 15 months, I decided to pursue the case.

As soon as the council knew that a solicitor was involved they started to take my repair seriously. I know nothing about legal procedures, but CEL have explained the procedures and guided me throughout the process.

I am extremely grateful for their help with my case and would certainly recommend their service. Thank you all at CEL”

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