Sylvia, Liverpool – £13,000 compensation

The client no longer felt safe in her own home due to a long list of repairs affecting the safety and security of her council house.

Sylvia contacted CEL Solicitors after feeling unsafe in her own home due to both the front and back door being unsecure. But the problems didn’t end there. There was a hole in the roof, resulting in ongoing leaks; damp throughout the property; cracks to the plasterwork; exposed pipes as well as damage to the exterior brickwork, including vegetation growth and cracks.

Given the huge amount of work and the undue stress Sylvia suffered, the leaks proved expensive too as she had to replace a mattress and her carpet which were both damaged by water, along with other damages she paid to fix herself. We managed to secure all the necessary repairs plus £13,000 in compensation for the inconvenience and discomfort caused.

Commenting on the case Paul Hampson, Managing Director at CEL Solicitors, said:

“Despite Sylvia complaining to her landlord, they failed to make adequate repairs within a four year period which led her to seek legal advice.

As a vulnerable tenant it was imperative that our client received assistance in making a housing disrepair claim, as it is our experience that landlords often won’t carry out the work unless legal proceedings are threatened.

We arranged a joint inspection of the property and we agreed the mandatory repairs, costing around £2,000. Given the problems were so long-term and Sylvia had been living in poor quality housing, even feeling unsafe in her own home, meant we were determined to return as much compensation as possible.

We’re are incredibly proud to have acted for Sylvia and help her to get all of the outstanding repairs to her home fixed as well as securing compensation for the inconvenience and out of pocket expenses she had suffered.”


Are you living in a rented property with disrepair? If your landlord is ignoring you, and the issue still hasn’t been fixed, then get in touch with the CEL team today for free, no-obligation legal advice. Our specialist team are on hand to help make sure your home is safe, and that repairs truly are carried out by your landlord. Call on 0808 273 0900 or apply online and a member of our team will be in touch.
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