Many people have reportedly received suspicious scam text messages claiming to be from the popular streaming platform Disney Plus, even if they have never held an account with the subscription service.


The DisneyPlus scam phishing messages, sent from a range of numbers, read…

“DisneyPlus: Your payment could not be processed. To continue using our service, please update your details here:”.


Following the web address in the message is not advisable. Some internet browsers register that the site is malicious and are able to block the attempt to visit the page – instead, providing a warning screen.


Those who do reach the phishing scam webpage are asked to provide account credentials as well as personal and financial details, which may allow fraudsters to steal the money and the identity of victims.


If you have received a suspicious message claiming to be from Disney Plus (or any other company for that matter) always be cautious. Never follow a link unless you trust the sender. Read more about impersonation scams for additional information.


CEL Solicitors previously spoke to The Daily Star on how to spot an impersonation scam.


Phishing scams, or more specifically, Smishing scams, in this case, are unfortunately an incredibly popular tool for fraudsters, used to gather private and secure information (including financial/banking details) and to trick victims into sending money.

These fraudulent scam messages often claim to be from banks, stores, delivery companies and service providers (such as DisneyPlus) amongst others, typically claiming that they are owed money and that there will be consequences if payment is not made. While phishing attempts are common all year round, they skyrocket during the holiday periods.


If you have lost money to scammers, whether through a phishing attack or otherwise, don’t hesitate to get help. At CEL Solicitors our dedicated fraud and scam team are on hand to offer help, support and advice on what to do – even if you believe it to be your own mistake. It isn’t your mistake, and our team are on hand to help you recover your lost money. Call on 0808 273 0900 or apply online and a member of our team will be in touch to help.


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